Mail-Order Bride

IN FINDING RESIDENCE , David Kherdian illuminates the immigrants’ experience with America along with his tale of a Armenian girl whom settles in Wisconsin. This novel is really a sequel to your Newbery Honor Book the trail From RESIDENCE Kherdian’s going and poetic account of their mom’s girlhood in Turkey during the attempt that is turkish exterminate its Armenian populace. In 1915, at age 8, Vernon Dumehjian started a march that is forced Syria where the majority of here household passed away. An armenian living in Racine, Wisconsin, and agreed to become his mail-order bride in 1922 she fled the burned city of Smyrna for Greece, where she met the family of Melkon “Mike” Kherdian.

Finding Residence details veron’s voyage from Greece towards the united states of america, her stay on Ellis Island, along with her modification both to her country that is new and life as a bride. veron is 16 whenever she marries a man that is 32-year-old different back ground and temperament from her very own. Enduring, exile and war suddenly finished her youth. Now, although free as well as comfort in the us, she should never only assume the obligations of marriage, but workout the delicate relationships with the people in Mike’s family members who try to govern her live. “we have actually arrive at the land of my fantasies,” she writes to her aunt. ” At the exact same time it appears more that nowhere can there be your final solution or resting spot or comfort. . . . Continue reading Mail-Order Bride