Asexuality isn’t celibacy or abstinence. Here’s exactly exactly what it really is — and isn’t

Being asexual in a tradition where intercourse permeates almost everything could be challenging.

Many individuals have difficult time wrapping their minds around just exactly exactly how anybody could perhaps never be thinking about intercourse. Will they be repressed? Are they frightened of closeness? Have actually they just maybe not met the person that is right?

But as any asexual person would let you know, it is none of this above.

Here’s exactly exactly what asexuality is and exactly just what it really isn’t, centered on resources from Aces and Aros, The Asexual Visibility & Education system and also the Trevor venture.

Asexuality is just an orientation that is sexual

For some adolescents and grownups, feeling intimately interested in someone — whether someone for the exact same intercourse, opposite gender or outside the sex binary — is an undeniable fact of life.

Although not everyone else pertains to that feeling. Enter asexuality.

Asexuality is just an orientation that is sexual which someone experiences little if any intimate attraction to a different individual with no desire to have intimate contact, based on Aces & Aros.

There are lots of those who might experience intimate attraction under certain circumstances but believe that their experiences align more with asexuality than many other orientations. Continue reading Asexuality isn’t celibacy or abstinence. Here’s exactly exactly what it really is — and isn’t

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