Runner Runner Hits Buttons that is hot on Sides of Gambling Fence

The United states Gaming Association (AGA) has ruffled some feathers by running political ads concerning the new internet poker film Runner Runner

Movie Stars of films nowadays usually understand ahead of time that most types of merchandising and interviews are part of the job. They know that entertainment reporters will ask them all types of nosey questions regarding their paramour that is latest, a scandalous outfit, or a run in using the paparazzi. But what Runner Runner stars Justin Timberlake and Ben Affleck both definitely seasoned within the ways of Hollywood by now probably did not anticipate were the heated feelings their movie about an evil internet poker operator, pre-Black Friday, and also the broke student conned by his website would evoke.

Federal Regulations Still Vague

In today’s tense climate with some states creating their own regulatory climate, but the download lucky nugget casino majority of America still sitting in regulatory limbo while they wait to see if and when the authorities will finally act the United states Gaming Association (which represents the interests of several of the casino industry’s major players) has pulled out all their guns, buying ads throughout social networking where they position the movie’s message as a ‘cautionary story,’ and one that federal legislators should take heed of.

But the film- which just opened nationwide is not meant to make any such statement, say the screenw Continue reading Runner Runner Hits Buttons that is hot on Sides of Gambling Fence