Codecool Report 2019: CEE region’s ICT sector is getting up with Western Europe

Certainly one of Central Europe’s leading coding bootcamps, Codecool recently published a report that is new examines work prices, salaries as well as other key aspects in connection with ICT sector into the EU-28 nations. Considering its findings, the study highlights the need that is urgent learn new basics of cooperation between European policymakers, enterprises, degree additionally the actors associated with the personal training sector to help you to deliver the necessary, high high quality workforce in this accelerated sector.

Digital workforce within the EU: nearly 9 million experts

In 2018, some 8.9 million specialists worked as ICT professionals over the EU-28 which accocunts for 3.9 % associated with total workforce associated with the researched nations. And also this ensures that in just 10 years, the quantity of ICT professionals when you look at the EU has increased by a lot more than 40%. As the work stocks are constantly the best in Western Europe, a lot of the nations through the CEE area – like the Czech Republic, Slovenia, and Hungary – are already surpassing or nearing the European average share.

While broadening work into the ICT sector ensures that European countries is checking up on the worldwide league, the interest in e-skills is growing at a tremendously fast pace. In 2020, the European labour market is projected to be lacking more than 670,000 ICT specialists as SMEs and international organizations are contending for ICT workforce in order to match using the urging needs of electronic transformation. Continue reading Codecool Report 2019: CEE region’s ICT sector is getting up with Western Europe